Move Up to the Next Level

I specialize in Results Driven coaching that takes my clients to the Next Level of success and satisfaction in their lives.

As a credentialed coach, in professional practice since 2002, I know that when we are put in touch with the power, resourcefulness and creativity that is the core of our true self,  we can meet any goal or challenge  . . .  and that when we master a challenge in one area of our life, we are positively empowered in all areas.

To put my clients in touch with the power they already possess, I provide the tools and strategies to help them attain what they want, and eliminate what they don't.  I also act as a support system as they move forward.  A client once called me "the hand in the small of my back."

When our work together is complete, each person uses what they've learned and created from our coaching to self-coach and empower themselves for the rest of their lives.

I am the partner, ally and champion of people
who have decided that they are no longer satisfied with What's Now in
their lives and are ready to attain What's NEXT!
Together, we
expect to exceed

What will you achieve at your own Next Level?

  • Use a life transition/challenge as a life breakthrough?
  • Clarify your current situation and create a new direction for your life or career?
  • Turn job loss into a new, more fulfilling profession?
  • Begin or improve your relationship with a significant other?
  • Maximize your earnings?
  • Strengthen your inner confidence?
  • De-stress, balance and carve out Me time from an overwhelming schedule?
  • Improve communication skills, personal and professional?
  • Run that marathon, write that book, attain the dream you've always had?

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The most rewarding aspect of coaching is the "real world" results my clients receive from our work together. .

Testimonials... over 80% of E.J.'s clients are referrals from past clients

"I met EJ when the "carpet was pulled out from under" my life - tough divorce, rocky career path, daughter entering the "terrible teens!" Our coaching helped me establish my OWN path forward, realize I DESERVE to celebrate the wins in my life and RETURN to the empowered, loving person I once was. With E. J. 's help, I now have an exciting new leadership position, a more balanced life and enjoy guiding my daughter toward her own bright future.
--Sheila P, Director, Technology Co, Chicago, IL

"E.J. assisted me in contract negotiations resulting in a new level of professional success - and in living a balanced, much healthier life. I even kicked my fifteen year smoking habit."
-- Terry R, Radio DJ, Boston, MA

"I couldn't and wouldn't have done it without her! I credit E.J. with helping me save my marriage and actually "have a life" during six long years of building a new house. Thanks to her coaching, my husband and I now enjoy our beautiful new home - and each other - more than we ever have."
--Linda M, Massage Therapist, Moab, UT

"An associate stopped me in the middle of a meeting to ask what had happened. She felt a new sense of partnership between us. I knew immediately it was all the work E.J. and I had done with my communication skills. I was always good at my job. Now I'm great at it!"
-- Marion P, Cosmetics Manager, Boston, MA

"E.J. helped me come to terms with my parents and reinitiate a relationship with my Dad; guides me to be more authentic and honest in my life; enables me to deal with my fears and go forward in my life. My connection with her is invaluable."
--Heleen V, Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager, Amsterdam